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We have started a fine dine theme restaurant named ''Shaollin Temple'' in Navi Mumbai to support the proposed cause

Marathi Heritage is formed to promote, preserve and stimulate the unique heritage of Maharashtra. Maharashtra has got numerous tourist destinations, which attracts so many tourists every year. The challenges which are faced by local authorities while serving big numbers of tourists are infrastructure, resources, safety and security. We, as an organisation would try to make some efforts to work on all these challenges. Tourists sites can be categorized into ; Forts, Beaches, Hill Stations, Holy Places etc. Most of the tourist sites does not have proper hotels to stay or restaurants to eat. Some forts does not have a security staff, basic services or a guide to entertain the traveler. That is the reason these sites are still not getting more visitors.

Heritage of Maharashtra

we would look forward to introduce some more entities in the form of restaurants, hotels and travel in upcoming years to make sure the companies growth graph is marching towards the sky.

We Work on Branding & Developing of small scale hotels by helping them improve their standards to ensure the guest gets a fine class hospitality. A bonafide traveler would enjoy a comfortable stay at reasonable cost with safety and security. In this way we can encourage the traveler to visit all the beautiful sites and up sell the hotel business throughout the state.This would generate a lot of tourism revenue and employment for the local area. Welcome Abroad a travel Package that gives you a glimpse into this vibrant and beautiful land.

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